Stay sober

Ok, so you will have a party with friends tonight? It means that there will be plenty of alcohol there. And friends and you will also have a great deal of drink. However, you’ll have an important meeting with vital client in very early Friday afternoon.

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A little alcohol may be a”social lubricant,” too much can be catastrophic. Drinking alcohol is ok, but to get drunk isn’t cool whatsoever. Here are things that will you do to stay sober and awake.

1. Eat. You should eat something before going out. As you probably know, a meal on your stomach will slow the absorption of alcohol by your body. You can choose proteins and fats to your pre-libation meal and continue to eat throughout the day.
2. Don’t forget to pick the ideal drink. Never choose drinks that are made with carbonated mixers or those containing artificial sweeteners. In fact, you must select alcohol which are served with ice, and stick to one kind of drink.
3. Straw. Avoid this. Never use straw to drink alcohol if don’t want to get drunk very fast. Just sip your drink slowly.
4. Have a word with the host. Quietly ask him or her to go easy on the alcohol when mixing your drinks.
5. Please note, people who sit and drink often don’t realize they are drunk until they stand up. So, you must stay on your feet; walk around and talk to people.
6. Time. Give a very much enough time. Space your drinks an hour and complete the previous one 90 minutes before you leave the party. This strategy will be very handy for you.

So men, remember and follow these tricks to make you fresh and’awake’ during and after the party.

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